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Mission: To foster and create equitable, affordable, and robust high-speed broadband infrastructure and services for the 21st century and beyond.  

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The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (PBDA), signed into law on December 22, 2021, is an independent agency of the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). PBDA is responsible for creating a statewide broadband plan (also available in multiple languages) and distributing federal and state monies for broadband expansion projects in unserved and underserved areas of Pennsylvania. The Authority focuses on closing Pennsylvania’s digital divide so all residents can get connected to affordable and reliable high-speed broadband internet at home, at work, or on the road.

Board of Directors

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (PBDA) is governed by an 11-member board. Representation from each legislative caucus, five Secretaries across five commonwealth agencies, the Chair of the PUC, and the Executive Director of the Center for Rural PA.

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Uri Monson

PBDA Chairman

Secretary of the Budget

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Kristin Phillips-Hill

PBDA Board Secretary

Pennsylvania Senate, District 28


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John Kane

PBDA Board Assistant Secretary

Pennsylvania Senate, District 9


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Robert F. Matzie

Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 16

Portrait of man in a suit

Carl Metzgar

Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 69


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Stephen DeFrank

Chairman, Pennsylvania Public Utility Comission,

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Dr. Kyle Kopko

Executive Director, The Center for Rural Pennsylvania,

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Reggie McNeil

Secretary, Department of General Services,


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Dr. Khalid Mumin

Secretary, Department of Education,


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Russell Redding

Secretary, Department of Agriculture,


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Rick Siger

Secretary, Department of Community and Economic Development,


Sub-committee Members

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (PBDA) has four sub-committees, each with a specific focus: data & mapping, technical, workforce & supply chain, and outreach & education. These sub-committees include members with diverse backgrounds representing industry professionals, subject matter experts, and industry associations.

Data & Mapping

Chris Cap

Executive Director
PA State Association of Boroughs

Steve Schwerbel

State Advocacy Manager
Wireless Internet Service Providers Association

Julie Tritt Schell (DE)

E-Rate Coordinator
Pennsylvania Department of Education

Gary Zingaretti

Zingaretti Enterprises

Lisa Schaefer

Co-Chair | Executive Director
County Commissioners Association of PA

Bill Kiger

Co-Chair | President & CEO
Pennsylvania One Call

Jay Summerson

Senior Director Govt. Affairs


Terry Fitzpatrick

Energy Association of Pennsylvania

Steve Samara

Executive Director
PA Telephone Association

Bill Wiedenheft (DE)

Asst. Director of Educational Technology
PA Intermediate Units

Shane Ellis

Board Member
Pennsylvania Utility Contractors Association

Jim Gardler

Communications Workers of America

Todd Eachus

Chair | President
Broadband Communications Association of PA

Chris Schubert

Pennsylvania Wireless Association

Workforce & Supply Chain

Mary Dougherty

Executive Policy Specialist
Labor & Industry

Jhansi Waters

Program Analyst
Labor & Industry

Carl Marrara

Executive Director
PA Manufacturers’ Association

Steve Brame

President & CEO
PA Rural Electric Association

John Pulver

Associate Director
PA Association of Career & Technical Administrators

Russ McDaid

Chair | Executive Director
Pennsylvania eCommerce Association

Kris Anderson

International Representative
International Brotherhood of Electric Workers

Outreach & Education

Molly de Aguiar (DE)

Independence Public Media Foundation

Dan Alwine

Co-Chair | Member
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce

Bailey Fisher

State and Local Affairs Specialist
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

Joseph Gerdes

Director of Government Relations
PA State Association of Township Supervisors

Carrie Nace

Legislative Director
PA State Grange

Lisa Davis

Office of Rural Health, Penn State University

Amy Sturges

Deputy Executive Director
PA Municipal League

PBDA Staff

Brandon Carson

Executive Director

Brandon Peters

Deputy Director

Jesse Suders

Infrastructure Program Manager

Julia Brinjac

Digital Equity Program Manager

Pam Frontino

Grants Manager

Kalie Snyder

Outreach & Engagement Manager

Kyle Snyder

Broadband Planning Specialist

Greg Alliger

Broadband Project Manager

Dr. Stephanie Perry

Digitial Equity & Workforce Specialist

Mary Markle

Executive Assistant

Ted Ritsick

Project Manager

Tim Arthun

Policy and Program Specialist

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