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Broadband in Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth is working hard to ensure high-speed internet for all Pennsylvanians and close the digital divide. Connecting people to reliable and affordable broadband will help grow our economy and strengthen our communities.

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Expanding Connectivity Across the Commonwealth

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Discover grant funding opportunities to extend broadband infrastructure, as well as support digital equity, inclusion, and literacy.

BEAD Challenge Process

The BEAD program requires Pennsylvania to conduct a map challenge process, which will assist in determining which Broadband Serviceable Locations (BSLs) and Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) will be eligible to be served utilizing BEAD funds.

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News & Events

Read the latest broadband news and view upcoming events.

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Mapping & Data

Explore PA’s broadband landscape to help identify development and expansion opportunities.
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Broadband Resources

Find valuable resources for residents and community members, internet service providers, and local governments.
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